Nita Lake Lodge

Eat Play Love

At the foot of a stunning Canadian mountain, beside a clear blue lake, Nita Lake Lodge is the perfect place for a Girls Getaway.

woman using app in airport

Keep Calm and Carry On

In this issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors, and partners about their top apps for wellness, mindfulness, or fitness on the road.

Gainsborough Bath Spa

Healing Waters of Fertility

For modern day sojourners dealing with a range of illnesses, from gaut to skin conditions, to infertility, there is one luxury hotel in Bath with … Read more

Secluded Scandi-style on a wooded, fjord fringed hilltop in Alpine Norway

Winter Sun, Winter Snow: Perfect Getaways

Unsure where to head this winter? Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ has put together the ultimate sun vs snow guide to help make the … Read more

healthy winter skin

Seven Secrets for Healthy, Sexy Skin this Winter

You’ve likely transitioned your clothes, shoes and make-up for the cooler weather, so what about your skin? As your largest organ, the skin is a … Read more

Keep Calm and Carry On

In every issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel. This time around we’ve got … Read more

Mountain Fitness

Are You Getting Enough Nature?

Can increasing your connectedness to nature have positive psychological and biological effects? According to mounting scientific evidence, yes. But while it’s easy to get in … Read more

sustainable air travel

Travel for a Healthy Planet

As the world prepares for the UN-declared International Year of Sustainable Tourism in 2017, what can we as travelers do to contribute to global goals … Read more

creamy hummus crispy cauliflower

Fresh Spring Appetizers from My Little SoHo Kitchen

Space may dictate the menu for many home cooks, but it can also inspire creative cooking. Join Michelle Tchea on an exciting exploration of dishes … Read more

Uncork the County Wine Tour

Uncork the County

A look at the Culinary Adventure Co’s signature day-long wine tour series featuring a tasting of renowned Prince Edward County wineries and a five-course gourmet … Read more

Wellness for the Planet

Over the last year, new projects and partnerships in sustainable tourism have set the pace for a promising 2016. From new ecotourism trails in Trinidad … Read more

Meet: Lynn Roberts

Lynn Roberts is a former broadcast journalist who left the corporate world in 2004 to become a certified yoga teacher and create the company Innergy … Read more

clean eating

Six Steps to Clean Eating

Clean food energizes you, boosts your immune system and, if you’re travelling, lessen the effects of jet lag and helps you acclimatize to different environments. … Read more

seaweed facial

I Had a Seaweed Facial and Loved it!

Facialists know exactly how to make my skin glow like an A-list celebrity, in a way that I just can’t seem to achieve at home. … Read more

wellness trends

Wellness Trends: Summer 2015

Forest bathing anyone? Spafinder Wellness 365 recently released its top ten global spa and wellness trends for the $500 billion wellness travel sector, compiled here … Read more