Winter Menu Check-up + Recipes

Eating healthy in the summer is a no-brainer; markets are bursting with farm-fresh produce and the long, hot days beg for light, fresh, veggie-filled meals. But when old man winter comes a-knockin’ so, too, does the desire for carb-laden, calorie-rich, comfort foods. Take these simple tips and tricks into consideration to keep your good health in check all winter long.Read more

wellness trends

Wellness Trends: Summer 2015

Forest bathing anyone? Spafinder Wellness 365 recently released its top ten global spa and wellness trends for the $500 billion wellness travel sector, compiled here by EcoWanderlust.Read more

spring spa treatments

Spring on the Spas

Few things herald the arrival of spring like young shoots pushing through the soil, buds coaxing their way into bloom – and skin that hasn’t seen the light of day since fall emerging from layers of winter clothing. To help get those limbs ready for prime time, here’s a curated selection of treatments from top resort spas.Read more

Keep Calm and Carry On

In every issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel. This time around we’ve got advice on everything from jet lag to running shoes.Read more

Secluded Scandi-style on a wooded, fjord fringed hilltop in Alpine Norway

Winter Sun, Winter Snow: Perfect Getaways

Unsure where to head this winter? Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ has put together the ultimate sun vs snow guide to help make the decision easy. From Australia to Sri Lanka; the beach awaits in its full glory to help you forget about the winter waiting at home.Read more


Sacred Wisdom – A First Timers Retreat

Over the weekend, we embarked on a shamanic healing journey to powerful drumming sounds to retrieve our power animals, an experience that I was surprised to find quite emotional.Read more

Pool Riviera Maya

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Tailored for each guest by spa concierges, the resort’s four, five and seven-day Spa Experiences range from Nature, Mayan, Ayurvedic and Tao sensorial journeys, and include Purifying, Renewal and Beautifying rituals. Read more

Find Yourself

Looking to be inspired, challenged and rejuvenated? Then it’s time for a real adventure, to immerse yourself in local customs and culture and return home changed by the experience.Read more

Nita Lake Lodge

Eat Play Love

At the foot of a stunning Canadian mountain, beside a clear blue lake, Nita Lake Lodge is the perfect place for a Girls Getaway.Read more

naturopathic consultation

Five Reasons To See A Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctors have a unique philosophy regarding healthcare that, whenever possible, focuses on treating the root cause of disease. Although sometimes it is important to treat the symptoms – particularly pain – we do so while trying to understand the reason the pain exists in the first place.Read more

Keep Calm and Carry On: Hotel Rooms

“What’s the very first thing you do upon entering your hotel room?” In every issue we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel.Read more

wellness trends 2017

Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017

The experts at the Global Wellness Summit have identified future directions for the $3.7 trillion industry, from a new focus on “silence” to the bold reinvention of sauna…Read more

healthy summer glow

Bring Back that Healthy Summer Glow

Mad Hippie began as a line for surfers who constantly battle sun damaged skin, so they know a thing or two about restoring lost moisture and protecting skin!Read more

Manhattan skyline from one of New York cities skyscrapers

Wellness Weekender: New York City

At first look, New York City might not seem like the ideal spot for a wellness getaway – it’s fast and frenetic, more concrete than green, and bursting with indulgent dining options. Ask a local, though, and you’ll hear that living in this high-octane, competitive environment makes it more important than ever to find balance. Read more

Changed by Travel

Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new is the best way to change the way you feel. Wellness travel company Pravassa recently ran an Instagram campaign called #ChangedByTravel that asked visitors to explain how travel had changed them.Read more