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Keep Calm and Carry On

In every issue we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel.
“What are your top apps for wellness, mindfulness, or fitness on the road?”

“I love my job! However, constant traveling can certainly be challenging when sticking to your routine. I try to always choose vegetarian options when I am flying and when I can plan I will pack a salad in a jar for extended flights and I always carry a large refillable water bottle. My favorite ways to keep fit while on the road are with yoga, meditation and running. You can always find a place to run off a long flight as long as you bring the right shoes. My favorite apps for staying on track are Run Trainer, Headspace for guided meditation, and Cody, fitness video training with top coaches and a supportive community.”
Cait Fraser, Director/Founder, Wild Wellness Travel

“Even in a smaller country such as Portugal, traveling usually means sitting for hours in a car, train or plane and this means you need to do some stretching and stimulate your muscles afterwards. I like to use the 7 Minute app – it gives a quick boost of energy, makes you feel good (and proud of yourself in the end!) and it only takes 7 minutes. Based in functional training and high intensity circuit no special equipment is required, which is convenient while traveling. On a lighter note, there is a new app called Cuckuu that is a social alarm clock. Featured in Forbes this app fosters mutual inspiration and encouragement. If you have friends and relatives with whom you usually work out or are connected in group activities this alarm will make sure no one forgets the important things.”
Sara Ismail, Founder of Trip for Wellness, Spa & Wellness Travel Operator

“I don’t really use apps when I travel. The majority of my business happens online, so after business hours or when I am on the road I try to stay offline as much as possible. I do love listening to meditations though and always carry meditations from Dr. Eva Selhub on my iPhone.”
Ulli Lagler Peck, Founder & Owner of The Wellness Agency

“I love using my Fitbit app when on the road to make sure I’m keeping up with my daily steps and proper sleep schedule, since it’s so easy to go off track when traveling. I also don’t travel long distances without loading my Podcasts app up with motivational and educational content, such as podcasts on marketing, health & fitness, sports, and entrepreneurship. The stress is taken out of travel delays when I’m engaged in great audio.”
Jeff Romeo, Founder & CEO of Live for Incredible Wellness Travel