Analytically-driven, Wander uses wellness travel content to tell stories that fit brands naturally, taking advantage of a collective distribution to reach a captive and affluent audience.

In 2015, Wander was just an idea. Marketing budgets were being stretched thin with limited results, coupled with a rise in the demand for content that only existing customers saw. So, we came up with a content distribution and publishing model that would give brands a better way to communicate with consumers. We thought it was a great idea, but it needed to be proven – so we built it.

Since then, four issues of Wander have gone out the door. The results have spoken for themselves. And we were able to deliver on our promise: unique, exclusive content. Non-competitive partner distribution. Detailed, actionable analytics focused on both acquisition and retention.

2017-18 is about expansion—new titles, greater reach—and we are looking for brands who would like to leverage these results to create new opportunities for acquisition and retention.

Could that be you? Download the partner kit for details, or reach out to