How To Make Your Style Work For You

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Style is nothing without the attitude required to wear it well. This is why you can see fashion models walking down the runway with questionable garments, but somehow, they make it work.

Is it because the models themselves are flawless specimens of what we would consider ultimate beauty? No, and even that may be questionable. Instead, it’s because they wear their style with an unapologetic swagger. They feel good in the clothing, so they look good.

It can be hard to feel that confident every day – despite what you might see on Instagram, but you can also look and feel fantastic by exploring beautiful new self-perceptions. Let’s explore how this might work:

Keep Challenging Yourself
Challenge yourself with your style. If you feel you simply “do not wear” a certain category of clothing, ask yourself why. Did you form that opinion in your teenage years? Would you like to try something but feel doing so would not be you? It’s worth pushing the boat out from time to time, even if that means cutting your hair into a fringe or trying a dress for the first time in some time. If you can’t have fun and feel a creative sense of expression with your style, is it really serving you? These can be the first questions that open your perceptions for the better.

Follow Trends You Actually Enjoy
Style is supposed to be fun. It might be that you love the idea of some trends, but others you cannot understand. That’s fine! You don’t have to follow everything. For instance, padlock chains may not be up your street, but round eyeglasses via may help you gain that summery vibe that helps you feel open and free. That’s all style has to be – something that makes you feel better on a day to day basis. If you focus on that, and not following an invisible set of rules, you’ll be in the state of mind.

Be Unapologetic
Remaining unapologetic with your style can help you stop thinking neurotically about it. Because after all, who do you have to apologize to? If you can wear something that makes you feel happy, you’ve already won. No matter if you hope to wear slightly revealing clothing or prefer to feel modest and covered, not fitting in is the first step to becoming special. This simple attitude can help you feel much more comfortable with your fashion choices, and you’ll remain willing to push the boat out a little more each time.

With this advice, we hope you can thoroughly make your own style work for you.

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