Keep Calm and Carry On

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In every issue we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel.

I believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to optimal health. And that means exercising! But how do I achieve this while traveling? My personal secret is to pack my running shoes: I discipline myself to go for a jog wherever I am. The benefits aren’t only that I stay in shape and improve my cardio, I can do it anywhere and everywhere. And the best part is that I get to discover my new surroundings during the workout!
Andrew Barnard
Deputy Managing Director, The BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

I use travel time as the best opportunity to take a ‘device detox’. I relish long flights, and choose destinations with limited connectivity. The effect is intoxicating: conversations happen naturally, and your mind has time to wander and refresh. Even if I do connect for brief periods, I am forced to be extremely efficient in my communications. Once done, I am free to be 100% focused and enjoy life’s playground uninterrupted.
Dallyce Macas
Owner & Experiential Travel Authority, éminence Canada

Wellness is a part of every stage of my trip. I bring healthy food on the plane, along with noise cancelling headphones. At my destination I strategically indulge in local eats, making minor menu tweaks to reduce calories. Plus I do something active – kayak, walking or the gym – everyday. Because the mental side of wellness is the hardest for me, I always go to the spa and participate in a Zen activity like walking on the beach or hiking alone to relax and reflect.
Dena Roché
Chief Vacation Officer, The Travel Diet

To travel is a gift, so I set the intention that it will be enjoyable. I include long walks to enjoy the area, and I carry a hardcover book to indulge in…no e-readers, because I get too much screen time! I use travel as a reason to give my skin some TLC, so I pack extra products, like a masque to give myself a mini facial. My return trip always includes a decadent dark chocolate bar.
Tracey Welsh
General Manager, Red Mountain Resort

I prioritize sleep at all costs, pack healthy, mobile food and schedule time to MOVE every day. I keep it fun whether it’s exploring a new city on foot, taking a swim on a rooftop pool, or even plunging into the sea at sunrise. And when the stress of travel is on the rise, I have the Headspace app on my phone – packed with 10 minute meditations – which serve as great “time outs” as does staying connected with family on a daily basis.
Mia Kyricos
Founder, Kyricos & Associates

I am a Type A personality, and when I travel, especially business-related, I am even more driven than usual on tasks and goals. I recharge each night with a good soak in a Himalayan salt bath. The benefits for me are three-fold — One, I tune into the bath as a ritual to re-center my mind and body; two, the essential minerals in the Himalayan salts really replenish my skin and make it feel baby soft; and three, the salts equally detox and replenish my entire body, keeping me healthy and ready to go.
Ann Brown
Spa Director, Spa Shiki

I travel internationally every couple of months, usually on long overnight flights. I find that the best way to adjust to the new time zone is to leave some time between meetings so I can stretch my legs. Going for a couple of 20-minute walks during the day helps me adjust to the local rhythm. I get an ice cream or some other local treat and enjoy it as I stroll. Oh, and I always take a hot bath before going to sleep.
Francesco Contini
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ANTARCTICA XXI

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