Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

by editor
woman drinking water from white bottle

By Abby Quillen

Ask most people how they are and the response might be something like “run down,” “tired,” or “over busy.” It seems to be part of the human condition and something that we all end up feeling when we have too much work, too much in our schedule, and too little downtime.

That’s one of the reasons that wellness travel, such as going somewhere to do yoga for a week or visiting a spa for a long weekend getaway has become so popular. And there are great ways to make sure that you’re able to hit the reset button as much as possible when you’re gone, for example, prep before you leave. Are you going to a destination that requires you to get vaccinations? Do so, well in advance.

What else can you do? This graphic has some ideas (original source):

Micrographic: Cut Down Your Chances of Getting Sick During or After a Vacation

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