Women’s Locker Room Etiquette

by editor

Either the coming of Spring drives more of us to the gym or locker room nudity is just a hot topic (!) but we’ve noticed a recent surge in searches on this site for locker room etiquette. What’s appropriate? What’s not? How nude is too nude?

If you’d like to avoid the rabbit hole that is the Google search around this topic (not to mention it’s totally NSFW) we’ve rounded up a few excellent articles on the subject which should help set things straight before your next sweat session.

The Definitive Guide To Change Room Etiquette [HuffPost Australia]
“Be mindful where you put your naked bottom.”

Etiquette in a Women’s Gym Locker Room [LIVESTRONG.COM]
“Use your fair share, and then make room for the woman next to you.”

Locker Room Beauty Etiquette Every Woman Should Know [StyleCaster]
“One guaranteed way to get on the bad side of everyone in your spin class? If you ask me, it’s taking over the locker room post-workout and spending 20 minutes shampooing in the shower…”

Honourable Mention
Women Over 40 DGAF In The Locker Room [Scary Mommy]
“…it can be headache-inducing trying to keep your eyes from going south of the large, unkempt bush border.”

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