4 Safe Travel Tips for After Surgery

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Though it comes with its complications, a vacation after surgery can offer a rejuvenating experience. While you need to give your body the time it needs to rest and recover, your mind and spirit also need to heal from the stress of the procedure. Once a few weeks pass—and your doctor gives you the okay to travel—take the vacation you need with these tips for post-surgery wellness travel.

Pay Attention to Your Body
You have to pay close attention to your body as it heals. This is especially true while travelling. Keep up with any diet and exercise that your doctor prescribed for your recovery process. While you don’t want to strain yourself, stretching and walking around will help keep your energy up and avoid blood clots or other complications. Make sure to stay hydrated as well. It’s easy to get dehydrated while travelling—especially if you will fly—so drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Take a Friend
Vacations always turn out more fun with a second person, and travelling alone with someone is one of the most important safe travel tips for after surgery. If you travel after an operation, you want to bring a friend who knows the kind of surgery and symptoms you had. It’s important to have someone dependable to help you take care of yourself throughout your vacation. Like with all parts of your recovery process, don’t feel afraid to ask for help if you need it. Having someone who can handle heavy luggage or drive when you feel tired can help make your trip easier on you, allowing you to focus on yourself and your recovery.

Take Your Time
When we travel, we often want to rush around in an effort to experience everything. Unfortunately, this often means you come back from a trip needing another vacation just to recover from the first. When you travel after surgery, it’s important to pace yourself. Choose a couple of things to do and give yourself plenty of downtime in between them. Plan any flights so that you have time to spare during your layovers. If you’ll drive, make your schedule beforehand, so you don’t have to spend all day sitting in the car. Remember that your priority is to relax; you don’t want to exhaust yourself while you try to have fun.

Pack the Right Wardrobe
It’s always a good idea to wear comfortable outfits when travelling. Tight or stiff clothing limits circulation and can keep you from resting comfortably—especially while flying or sitting in a car for a long period of time. Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes that won’t cut off circulation or irritate any surgical scars. These also feel more comfortable to wear over any compression garments, which your doctor may prescribe to help you on your recovery journey. While you plan outfits, pack other accessories you might need, such as comfortable shoes, a brace, or a cane, or a walker.

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