Our Favourite Nature Vacation Destinations

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Hoping to plan out your vacations for next year? Think about taking a nature-centred trip to help you refocus and reconnect with the Earth.

A vacation focused on nature has incredible benefits, such as increased mindfulness and an improved mood. If that sounds like something you’d appreciate, check out this list of a few of our favourite vacation destinations for nature enthusiasts.

Scuba Dive in French Polynesia

A breathtaking tropical paradise, French Polynesia has been a popular vacation destination for years—and for good reason. We recommend scuba diving here because of the unbelievably clear waters surrounding the archipelago’s 118 islands, which feature various diving centers and host dive retreats. If that’s not enough to tempt you, come for the white-, pink-, and black-sand beaches and the many lagoons.

Hike at Banff National Park, Canada

There are so many impressive hiking spots around the world that it was hard to choose just one. We settled on Banff for its numerous turquoise glacier lakes, picture-perfect evergreen trees, sky-high Rocky Mountains, and relaxing hot springs. You could spend weeks exploring everything this park has to offer, and we’d certainly recommend it! Take your time hiking the paths, and you’ll see and feel so much more natural beauty than you ever thought you could.

Kayak in Lake Tahoe, California

In the beautiful mountain town of Lake Tahoe, you’ll enjoy freshwater lakes and endless outdoor pursuits. No matter what season you visit, you’ll find plenty of activities to help you reconnect with Mother Nature. Be sure to try a sunrise yoga session or a morning kayak trip; if you visit in the winter, you’re in for the perfect conditions for downhill or cross-country skiing.

Safari in Kenya

A safari is the trip of a lifetime, and we highly recommend going just as soon as you’re able to. You’ll see some of the most impressive animals roaming wild in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of the world. If you can, try to head to Kenya between late June and October; otherwise, you may want to head to Tanzania, which is where the wildlife migrates later in the year.

Offshore Fish in Costa Rica

If you’ve fallen in love with the relaxing nature of fishing, try your hand at inshore or offshore fishing in Costa Rica. The country, in general, is known for its immense diversity, and its waters are no exception. Take the time to explore the various parks and reserves when you have a moment off the boat, and revel in the country’s immeasurable beauty. The culture’s awesome and inviting nature is another big reason we chose Costa Rica over other fishing destinations.

Watch the Aurora Borealis in Finland

If you want a nature-filled vacation that’s more relaxing than adventure-based, head to Finland. Here you’ll find hotel rooms, igloos, cottages, and other accommodations specially designed for people who want to enjoy the natural light show of the aurora borealis. Soak in the hot springs by day and admire the lights by night. It’s the relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

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